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Off The Record

OFF THE RECORD is a contemporary romance novel, and was chosen as one of 112 books for the Pitch Wars class of 2018 from nearly 4,000 submissions.  In January 2020 Champagne Book Group acquired world english rights, with publication slated for October 5, 2020. 

Freelance reporter Stella Thompson has a standard of newsworthiness. Government scandals, social injustice; and most recently, trying to uncover what really happened to those three girls who were murdered in the summer of 2006. But Cole Maxwell’s sex life? It could not register lower on Stella’s radar. Until a chance meeting brings her face to face with the man she argues is not worth the page space.  

Most men would be offended, but Boston’s most enigmatic bachelor is intrigued by Stella’s disinterest in him. With her own set of reservations about getting involved with a man who’s personal life has been headline news since boyhood, she accepts his invitation to explore his clandestine world. But a relationship with Cole has risks. If anyone were to find out, Stella would lose not only her reputation as a serious investigative journalist, but also the chance to uncover the truth behind a series of murders she has been investigating.